Posted by: jmartin7 | June 24, 2010

Things go better with friends!

It’s hot outside! Too hot for me and probably anyone else who is looking forward to fall and the beginning of football season. I can’t wait until the leaves begin to fall and crisp, cool air makes its way to my house.

This is the time of year that makes me want to go to the mountains, take my wife and children to the pool and do anything possible to stay cool and refreshed. Fall and winter are my favorite times of year. To me, these are times when I can enjoy being outdoors with my family when the air is cool and I can actually put more clothes on to be comfortable instead of having to take them off!

Our family took the time this week to go to a friends house for a cook out and pool party. Thank the good Lord for friends who have swimming pools. These are the kind of relationships you want to develop and nurture over the years. People who want to spend time with you just because they…well, want to just spend time with you. These are people who refresh my soul. These are true friends! It’s like the old Coke commercial used to say…things go better with…FRIENDS!

I appreciate true friends. Folks who allow you to just be yourself. Those who love and appreciate you for who you are, not what you can do for them. Real friends welcome you into their homes and actually share their lives with you, not talk about you. Janice and I are blessed to have friends like this and hope we provide that type of friendship as well.

True friends, close friends are hard to come by these days. Janice and I have been blessed to have been acquainted with many people whom we have called our friends. However, we have also been blessed to have several people that we trust implicitly with whom to share the most important aspects of our lives. These dear ones are actually more family than friends. People who would do anything for you and for whom you would give your life…literally. We share a common trust and a common Lord.

Why not take a moment and think about your true friends. Thank the Lord for these precious people and ask a special blessing for them. Call them on a regular basis and spend some quality time together as often as possible. Go ahead…take a fresh drink of friendship!



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