Posted by: jmartin7 | June 25, 2010

Good news…bad news

I love Fridays. Well, most Fridays anyway. I had an appointment for a physical today and was worked over pretty good. I can say that I have a very caring and compassionate physician who takes the time to explain everything. Dr. Mark is simply the best and his staff are kind and very sensitive to my needs.

The human body is an amazing thing! It can withstand neglect and abuse and usually bounce back with no problem at all. I have been blessed all my life to have good health and I am very grateful to God for how he has been faithful to bring healing to me. I have absolutely no complaints. Physically, life is very good and will continue to be as long as I listen to and obey Dr. Mark and his fine staff.

But what about the times when we receive bad news from the doctor? How should we respond to and with whom do we share what we believe to be bad news? Since news about our health is so important, it’s always a good idea to pray daily for our health but to also take whatever actions are necessary to sustain our health. I trust Dr. Mark and his staff. However, there is a greater Physician who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above what any earthly doctor can do. The issue is do I trust him with not only my physical, emotional AND spiritual well being on a daily basis or just when I “need” Him?

GOD IS FAITHFUL! There is no dispute or doubt concerning that reality. He is always there for us no matter what circumstance we face. My God is concerned and actively involved in my life and yours. However, the question remains, how actively are we involved in our relationship with Him on a daily basis even in the times that we don’t have physical, emotional or any other problem? He is still Lord, but do we give Him access and control over our daily lives to the point where we allow Him to BE Lord? I can assure you that in times of crises and times of refreshing, our King reigns and provides us hope in the time of need. He created us in His image and His likeness and desires for us to live that way. All He wants from us is OUR faithfulness.

I believe in God. I believe that His son, Jesus died for my sin and has given me eternal life. I believe that His precious Holy Spirit lives within me and helps me daily to not just live but live victoriously. That is TRUTH! My God Reigns over every circumstance and every problem. My place in this life is to rule and reign with Him and allow Him to have complete access to and control of who I am.

There is an old praise song that we used to sing years ago titled, “In Him we live and move and have our being.” It’s been years since I’ve thought about that song but it is still a great song to sing. I can tell you the truth…I never want to live in myself again. I want to live in Christ so that regardless of what happens or what news I receive, I respond with faith in Him.

I received both good and bad news today from my physical. The truth is that the bad news will require a change in my lifestyle that will allow me to see my children become adults, marry and have their own children. I will continue to grow old with Janice and have the opportunity to make the remainder of our lives together glorious. I’m happy to say that my outlook for a happy life is good and I look forward to many healthy years to come!

Now may God, our glorious Father grant us wisdom and knowledge in Him. May we as a family grow together in our love and service for Him. Knowing that the end result will be an eternity WITH Him.
That’s GOOD NEWS!!



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