Posted by: jmartin7 | June 27, 2010

Church Socials R Us

I had the opportunity to go to my first church social in many years last evening. Now come on, you know what a church social is…right? It’s unlike any other gathering of believers. It’s a social event where you get together in the name of fellowship so that you can eat like there’s no tomorrow and then talk about all that you have just devoured. Plain and simple, it’s a wonderful excuse to have a pig out!

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some food! Although I’m supposed to be watching what I eat, church socials are a time when God’s blessing is on everything you can possibly consume. But, the church social goes beyond food. It captures the very essence of who we church goers really are…party animals!

That’s right, we love to get together and fellowship over a meal or over a sporting event or basically for any reason we can possibly think of. It’s not enough that we go to church together, do Sunday School together, choir rehearsal together and Sunday morning go-to-meeting together. No, we are destined to gather together and just take time to get to know each other. That’s who we are.

If I’m not mistaken, and I rarely am, this whole church social things began in the book of Acts after Jesus was crucified. It just automatically happened. The disciples were lost without Jesus. He was gone and they were left alone to their own devices. So what do good Christians do…we get together and make plans to take over the world!

The bible tells us that the disciples were all together in one accord in an upper room fellowshipping (had to add that spelling to the online dictionary) when all of a sudden, Jesus appeared to them. Now THAT’S a social you’ll never forget! I believe Jesus knew that he could count on his most ardent followers to come together after he was crucified. He knew that once He was gone, they would figure out a way to begin working on a plan to continue His ministry on earth. One simple word…GO…would propel them into becoming who we are today…witnesses!

For over two thousand years we Christians have been striving to carry on His name and work here in the earth. It isn’t sometimes easy to be a witness today. People are very private in their personal lives and simply don’t want you trying to come in and rock their boats. But we are somehow compelled to tell our friends, relatives and neighbors about Jesus. We desperately want to share the truth about how wonderful life can be when you follow Him. Even though we have never seen Him face-to-face, we know that He lives and His love can radically change your life! That’s a message that is worth sharing regardless of the cost.

People need the Lord and there is no better way to share the love of Jesus than to spend time with them letting them see the Jesus in you. I believe that’s what church social are for. They are important because they teach us how to fellowship with believers first and then with non-believers. It fits right in with the gospel. The early church knew how to fellowship together and then they went out and changed the world! So why not us?

There you have it. Now you’re armed with the knowledge that you need to just go ahead and pick up the phone and plan your next church social. Come together in the name of Jesus and then go out and make disciples. You’ll be glad you did!




  1. That was great. You should submit it to the Baptist Courier for public consumption!

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