Posted by: jmartin7 | June 29, 2010

Who Are You Talking To?

I sometimes talk to myself. I admit it. Now, there are numerous reasons why I talk to myself but one of the best that I can think of is that it’s hard to find someone with whom to hold an intelligent conversation (well, I thought it was funny)!

Anyway, I believe it’s accurate to say that there are more people who talk to themselves than we know. I see it all the time, especially in church. Those poor misguided folks on Sunday mornings are always bowing their heads and whispering to themselves. I’m not quite sure what they’re saying but it’s sometimes a fairly lengthy conversation. And they have some type of radar that allows them to know if someone is getting close enough to them to hear what they’re saying. Just try it. When you see one of them with their head hung low and see their lips moving, try to sneak up on them and listen. I guarantee you that the head will rise faster that fat on buttermilk! It doesn’t matter how stealth your approach is, they’ll pick up on it every time.

Not too long ago, I actually worked up the nerve to approach one of these self conversationalists and ask them the question that was rocking my very soul…WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?

To my absolute surprise, this usually stoic person gleefully smiled and said, “I’m talking to the Lord.” THE LORD? You mean Jesus or God or someone like that? “Yep, he said, I’m praying to Jesus Christ Himself.” Well now, I’ve heard of such things happening but I’ve never received such a powerful and confident response as that one.

You see, this young man went on to explain to me that when we pray, Jesus takes our prayers and literally presents them to the Father God. But it doesn’t just stop there. God actually allows Jesus to intercede on our behalf with all the power and authority that He was given when He conquered death, hell and the grave. That’s pretty amazing!

But hold on, it gets even better! As we pray, we begin to lose ourselves until our very wants and desires become His. The more we spend time with the Creator of the Universe, the more we become like Him and begin to hear His heartbeat. WOW!! To know that His desires can become my desires is a very incredible thought.

Andrew Murray, the South African missionary in his book “199 Treasures of Wisdom on Talking with God” says it most powerfully when he says, “When earnest prayer has melted away all earthly passions and desires so that I delight in God alone, then my prayer changes until I do not so much pray as I live in God.”

What a wonderful thought. To live in God! That should be our hearts cry from the moment we awake in the morning until we close our eyes at night. I delight so much in my Lord and Savior that I am not satisfied until I become like Him and my very existence is complete in Him. Those types of prayers please our Father and cause Him to have great joy. Our relationship with Him becomes sweeter and more fulfilling as we submit to His desires for our lives. It may not be an easy thing to do but dying to our desires so that He might live through us brings perfect peace and a renewed passion for Him.

Our time here on earth is so limited that, to me, it only makes sense to spend as much of that time as possible in the presence of God. The most effective way to reach His heart is to take the opportunity to seek His face. My son, Ethan wants to be like me (bless his heart). He wants to spend as much time with me as possible which sometimes means that I have to lay down what I want to do and just listen to him talk about everything that is on his heart, and I do. That’s what Daddy God does. I believe He would stop the universe from moving if it meant a moment of time with us. He loves when we just come to Him and want to be in His presence, where He is.

I believe Daddy wants you to know that it’s your time to talk. He’s listening right now. You don’t even have to bow your head. Go ahead and spend some time with Him today. He loves you!



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