Posted by: jmartin7 | July 28, 2010


There is a great debate going on throughout America today that will either unite us or splinter us into warring factions. That debate centers on illegal immigration.

The influx of undocumented workers flooding through our mostly unprotected borders is finally getting nation-wide attention due to a recent law passed by the legislature and people of the state of Arizona. This law, which in effect bans illegal immigration in Arizona, has the support of 57 percent of Americans. That’s 57 percent of the entire country, not just Arizona! That kind of support could effectively reshape the US Congress this year and in the 2012 elections. You can certainly see why Arizona’s ban on illegal immigration is garnering so much media attention.

But, what would Jesus have to say about today’s hot topic of illegal immigration? Who’s side would He gravitate towards? How would His views on the subject be received in the United States and around the world? These are, of course, questions that no one can answer with any credibility. However, when we consider how we should feel about illegal immigration, we must base our opinions on the truth of God’s Word, the Bible and not on public debate. We, as Christians have this responsibility and we will be held accountable.

Now, I am no expert on the biblical view of illegal immigration. I’m not even sure the subject is addressed or even mentioned anywhere in the Bible. However, I do know that the Bible, God’s Word, is very clear on the subject of obedience. Obeying the law of the land is very important to God. There is no equivocation regarding this truth. God is a God of order, law and obedience…period. Therefore, He expects that a nations leadership be held responsible for upholding the laws of the land, including immigration law!

If I as a citizen break the law, I am subject to any punishment that the local, state or national courts deem necessary. However, these laws have to be enforced by said jurisdictions before they can become effective. If I steal a car or rob a bank, I am, in effect saying that I am above the law and the law has no jurisdiction over me if I’m not caught. If I am caught, regardless of what I believe, I am responsible and I will be held accountable for breaking the LAW.

That seems to be a debatable topic in the US today, much to my amazement. Why would someone who illegally enters our country be held accountable to our laws since they are not legal Americans? I mean, there are serious minded people in the media and in our government who actually debate this question on a daily basis. What concerns me more is that there are Christians who debate this topic as well! May God open our eyes to the spirit of lawlessness that is running rampant in our nation and among our people!

Folks, here is the answer plain and simple based on the Word of God: Satan is a master deceiver who wants to bring confusion to our great nation by causing many of us to believe a lie. The lie that the rule of law is open to any opinion is, well, a lie. Laws have been put into place in our country to not only protect our citizens but to also protect our freedoms and liberties. Lawlessness must not be tolerated…period.

What concerns me most is that those who draft these laws and put them into place refuse to enforce them. They should be held more accountable than the ones who break them. Our representatives, senators and president swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. They also swear to uphold and enforce the laws of our nation as elected representatives. Regardless of opinion, that is the truth and should not be open to debate on any level. Truth is more important that the facts. When truth is debated, we have lost our way as Americans and Christians.

Janice and I have a number of friends who are of Hispanic descent. We love them and would do anything we could for them. That will never change. They have each paid the price to become Americans and we are proud of them. Each of them has taken the oath of citizenship and have sworn to support, protect and defend our beloved Constitution. They are Americans! I fail to see why anyone who enters our great nation would refuse to do so legally and not be willing to pay the price for the freedom that is offered here. It’s as simple as that. I also fail to understand why our government refuses to uphold the laws of our land. Maybe it’s time to hold THEM accountable to the laws that so many young men and women have fought and died for. Maybe it’s time to read God’s Word again and find out what it says about lawlessness. We must look to the Holy Bible and to the history books and realize that no nation that refused to enforce the laws of the land and allowed a spirit of lawlessness to invade it has ever survived. That’s the truth and if we embrace the truth, we will remain free!

May God truly bless America!



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